Senseless killings. What would cause someone to either open gunfire in a school like in Santa Clarita, a backyard house party like in Fresno or at a Walmart in Oklahoma? What do these individuals think this will achieve? Not only are they affecting those who are actually there but they are affecting their families and loved ones. Not to mention those who also witness what took place. For those who are killed suddenly, they leave behind a legacy and a void for those closest to them. For those who are wounded, the painful recuperation begins which causes anguish and exhaustion for them and their loved ones. For those who witnessed the attack, they are fearful and are now denying themselves and their loved ones the freedom to enjoy the simple pleasures of a walk or a night out. And all this achieves is more distrust, more isolation, and more hate among people, which creates more of the same problems we face as a society. Violence is never the answer, regardless of the reason. We need to recognize that kindness and open communication is what we need. We need to remember those who came before us and the inspiration they gave us whether they were related to us or not. That is what we need to spread among other. Remember how comforted we felt when we had problems and how wonderful they made us feel. And for those who are angry, do not isolate yourself. Reach out and converse. Things are not as bleak and desperate as they seem. There is help available and taking matters into your own hands can be dangerous. Again, violence solves nothing. It only creates more problems.