Memorial Day. A day when we remember those who have fallen defending and protecting us. I feel that so many lose sight of what this holiday represents. Normally, many look forward to the 4th Monday of May just as an extra day off and to enjoy pool time and barbecue. But our ability to enjoy a day off and the liberties that accompany it would not be possible without our veterans and members of the armed forces. And it is also not just a day where we should remember those who we lost in battle, but also pay homage to those who fought and are still with us. They have their own challenges to overcome, such as losing those who were close to them in battle. Their struggle should be honored as well. All of us need to enjoy this day, take a break from our daily lives, spend time with family and loved ones, but while we are taking pleasure in the day, just send a little thank you to those who were able to provide it to us. It’s very easy to take our everyday lives for granted, but in the wake of our recent pandemic, a lot of us have quickly changed our tunes. Those simple pleasures of going shopping, meeting friends for cocktails and conversation and being able to be physically close to one another are now cherished activities in our memories. When we are able to do these again without any constraint, we will be ecstatic. But these pleasantries and freedom to partake, we owe a lot of thanks to those valiant men and women in uniform. Thank you so much for your service.