This is an interesting topic. I know for years so many of us have wanted the ability to work from home. We have sometimes said to ourselves, “It would make things so much simpler” or “I could get so much done both professionally and personally.” I know that working from home has had a lot of benefits and I have found myself more productive than not. But the one aspect of going to work is being able to engage with others. It is one aspect that I miss and I know others feel the same way. There is a sense of camaraderie that is not felt when you talk on the phone or have a meeting via Zoom. You need to feel your co-workers’ presence and be able to converse with them face to face. Although most places are requiring that individuals not come into the office and continue to work from home, there is gratitude in regards to having a job, but at the same time, we tend to miss the ability to physically interact with our peers. I know having two people who report to me, I miss seeing them constantly throughout the day, hearing them laugh and discussing issues as they come up. But again, working from home does have its advantages since we can take care of more tasks within our own space and have more time for our family and loved ones. I have seen so many wonderful projects that people have worked on within their home and I applaud their resiliency as well as their imagination. Although we are apart from our co-workers, hopefully soon we can interact but still have the ability to work from home when needed. So there can be a balance.