As our country begins to reopen businesses and encourage people to venture out, there are a lot of changes that have been put in place: the need to wear masks, temperature checks, and maintaining our distance from others. This does create some conflict and uneasiness, especially since the “normalcy” of our everyday lives is not something we are able to return to immediately. It may take months or even years. But, is the way that we were something that we want to immediately resurrect? I feel that our desire to go out, be with friends and enjoy such simple pleasures as going to a bookstore or a quiet restaurant for a lovely meal are what we crave. But the desire to fill our days with unnecessary outings, errands or chores that take time away from our home and our families may be dissipating. We have recognized the treasures and the worth of being at home. Tending to those we love, reinventing ourselves and discovering talents we didn’t know we had has been a gift of this latest adventure. Whenever we are taken out of our comfort zone, there are going to be tense moments, but what comes out of it is truly wonderful. We get to see things from a different perspective and we find new things that we enjoy doing. My hope is that what has happened recently has laid a foundation for what should be our “new normal” and that we do not lose sight of what we have learned. Let’s appreciate the beauty we have found recently and continue to nurture, grow and enhance these experiences while peppering them with simple pleasures that we once took for granted.