Why is it that us being farther apart has brought us closer together? Over the past month, many friends and acquaintances have reconnected with those who they have not seen or spoken to in many years. And the outcome is one of joy and pure happiness. Now that we have had time to pause and put all of our daily routines and functions on hold, we have time to devote to those we have not heard from or seen in years. But why did a pandemic have to dictate that? Many say is that it is our daily existence that does not allow for such pleasantries. But what contributes to that? Demands at work? Demands of family? The lack of boredom? Did this wonderful exercise in reconnection merely stem out of boredom or was it something we have been craving but have been unable to fulfill due to dictated responsibilities. Why do our schedules fill up as well with menial desires? Why must we attend the opening of a new restaurant before others do? Why do we constantly need to compete to do the new, rather than spend time cherishing what is already established and familiar? A lot of people I have connected with are those who helped shape me in my formidable years in college. And we pick up right where we left off. They is a comfort in talking to them and reminiscing. I feel 20 again, with our silliness and dare I say Immaturity. But this helps to feed our soul and get back to what is truly important and comforting. We now make it a weekly call for us to chat and there has been a fantastic reaction within me, to remind me of who I was and the invincible feeling I had when I was younger. That in itself is priceless. My hope is that this does continue and that we do not immediately revert back to our day to day schedules without giving a little thought or spending time with those who we have in other words cast aside and abandoned for whatever reason.