There is always something to be thankful for. And what better time to remind ourselves of this than the fourth Thursday of November. Of course, we all have family aggravations, work challenges, societal issues and personal grievances.  But despite all of the problems we face, we need to be reminded of our blessings. Do we have food to eat?  Can we see? Clothes on our backs? A roof over our heads? These are things that cannot be taken for granted, for, in a moment’s notice, they can be taken away.  Many times, I write a list of what I am grateful for and I find that once I get started, I can fill several pages with items. As things come to me, I get more and more excited and I furiously try to get everything down as quickly as possible. As I write, the thoughts fill me with great happiness.  When I finish my list, I review it and reread it over and over. As I do this, I quickly realize how fortunate I am.  So, this holiday let’s cherish those we love, the home we have, and everything we are able to enjoy. And if we are missing those who are not with us, let’s be thankful for the time spent with them and remember the wonderful memories and joyous times they gave us. Share this joy with others whether they be a friend, family member or a stranger. I guarantee that a compliment or a kind gesture will go far and the recipient will be extremely grateful. And we shouldn’t limit this exercise to the holiday season.  So, let’s spread kindness and love to everyone throughout the year and be thankful for all of our blessings. Everyday should be Thanksgiving!