“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. A beautiful day for a neighbor. Could you be mine? Would you be mine?”  These were the words sung by Fred Rogers as he opened his daily public television show. As these words emerged from his mouth, children all over the United States were taken to a safe, warm, friendly and, above all, calming environment where they were taught to appreciate themselves, their special gifts and treat each other with respect.  Being a fan of the show, I was always fascinated how different his show was from the other kinds of children’s entertainment. It was soothing.  He took the time with his audience to stress the importance of the simple things and to not take them for granted. He allowed his viewers to take a step back, shut out the noise of the world and focus on the moment at hand. He also educated children in an eclectic array of topics, either with the help of his other neighbors like Handyman Negri and Mr. McFeely, or he transported his audience to other places through video via “Picture Picture.” And of course, there was always the fun aspect when everyone would travel via trolley to “The Land of Make Believe.”  Fred Rogers was a kind and brilliant mentor to so many children in the years he was active.  And even today, new generations are discovering his show and find it to be a relief from the craziness of our modern world.  As mentors go, Mr. Rogers will always have a special place in many people’s hearts because he taught everyone to believe in themselves and to pursue whatever special talents they had.  Thank you, Mr. Rogers, for everything you did and for your legacy which continues to benefit and help those in need of your guidance and wisdom. It’s such a good feeling!