Cleansing. That is what the past few months has been about. We go into a store, we wipe our hands with a sanitation wipe. We go home, we need to wash our hands – for 20 seconds mind you. We handle the mail, go scrub up afterwards. Pack the hand sanitizer for emergencies when you go to the pharmacy or to get supplies. All of which is necessary. But there is also another type of cleansing and that is within our own spaces. With extra time to devote to ourselves and our families, we have had the opportunity to really clean out closets, drawers, and boxes that we have not opened since 1998. I have taken this upon myself to really clean out things that are no longer considered necessary and haven’t been necessary for a long time. I have found receipts that are not needed, clothes that would work for a 1980’s Michael Jackson music video and other bits of useless paraphernalia. To remove this additional burden is a weight that has been lifted and has helped reduce the amount of clutter and confusion within my space. And when you remove the clutter you see, your mind removes additional clutter as well to help you feel better. Much of it was shredded, recycled and placed in bags to send to the thrift store. Due to our busy schedules chores like this just tend to be pushed to the side and are classified as getting done “one day.” But in taking time to do this, was a relief when it was over and helped to simplify the look and feel of my home. I found some treasures that I could not part with which helped me remember wonderful things from my past and the person I once was. It helped to reinstate some values that were forgotten or put on hold, but in finding them again it brought back a reminder of my youth and the happiness that came with it. I sincerely hope that many of you have benefitted from a similar exercise and that we can make time to do this more often in the future and not rely on the fact that we are bored and need to fill our time in some manner.