As this year (and decade) come to an end, normally we look at what we yearn to achieve in the near future and the resolutions we look to put in place. Because dreaming about what the future holds and the endless possibilities that await us is both exciting and inspirational, I must confess I also put together a list.  But I was asked recently if these lists we create and the changes we look to make in the future stem from the fact that we are unhappy with what we have and what we have achieved. Are we truly that unsatisfied with our accomplishments? I pondered this and instead I looked at what I have accomplished and the experiences I have had. With everything I have done to date, I became very proud of myself.  I reflected on what I have done both personally and professionally and realized how lucky I have been and how all of that has shaped me into who I am today.  So instead of creating a list of resolutions, I will be writing a list of desires to enhance and complement what has already been.  Reflect on what you have done, think how all of this has molded you into the person you are today and in the coming days and weeks, if you feel anything needs to be improved upon, then address it. Don’t create lists out of desperation or disappointment for a short-term issue in your life, for the years that you have been on this earth, I guarantee, if you really look at what counts, you have had more blessings than not. Cherish and work towards enhancing and complementing those blessings for you will find your gratitude and happiness reside there. Happy New Year! Enjoy and be safe!