Rising Sunsets

Rising Sunsets is an enlightening journey through the mind of David Fletcher, a bright and ambitious young man who is determined to conquer the world and prove his unsupportive father wrong. When reality strikes and nothing works out as expected, an unusual opportunity to go to Japan to teach English to schoolchildren presents itself. There, he discovers his true self and finds an inner strength and independence he never knew existed. Throughout the story, David uncovers Japanese culture and easily embraces the traditions until suddenly, those age-old beliefs stand in the way of his happiness. And, through an unexpected encounter with love, the course of his life is changed forever.


  • Paris Book Festival, Honorable Mention, e-book (2013)
  • Great Southeast Book Festival, Honorable Mention, Fiction (2013)
  • Great Southwest Book Festival, Honorable Mention, Fiction (2013)
  • Hollywood Book Festival, Honorable Mention, e-book (2012)
  • New York Book Festival, Honorable Mention, e-book (2012)
  • Next Generation Indie Book Award, Finalist, Multicultural Fiction (2012)
  • Los Angeles DIY Book Festival, Honorable Mention, e-book (2011-2012)
  • Florida Publishers Association, Silver Medal, e-book (2011)
  • New England Book Festival, Honorable Mention, general fiction (2011)
  • London Book Festival, Honorable Mention, e-book (2011)

Rising Sunsets Trailer

Coffee and Cedar


A grandfather shares stories of his life’s challenges with his grandson to teach him to have courage and confidence. At the end of each story, he tells his grandson, “El sol no se tapa con un dedo.”

This is the story of a young boy who deals with the harshness of criticism associated with a talent he knows he has through several stages of his life.

It is also a story of how those we love can influence our lives and how the strength they have provided can continue to live on from generation to generation.

Coffee and Cedar is a story that both adults and children can appreciate and enjoy over and over again.

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